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Software development; It is defined as the processes that teach to act within the framework of certain rules according to the requirements of computers and other electronic tools. The software development process has rules just like any other element. These rules are universal values that show how good software development should be. Software development processes include the process that will achieve success with the planned work of correctly determined resources as a result of correctly determined analyzes. This process is defined as the software development process.

What Are The Software Development Stages?

1-     The process of defining the required software

2-     Analysis of software needs

3-     Specifying the software needs in detail

4-     Written design process

5-     Programming

6-     Testing

7-     Maintenance

The software development stages are provided in this way, respectively. Software development models are of great importance for these processes to progress more efficiently. The important thing here is to determine the one that is suitable for the project, not the one suitable for the company among these models. For this reason, it is important that each project is created with a different model.

What Are Software Development Process Models?

The software development process usually takes place through research or understanding what kind of software is needed in the markets.

-        Code and Fix

-        Waterfall Model

-        V – Shaped Model

-        Evolutionary Development

-        Spiral Model

-        Formal System Development

-        Development For Reuse

-        Incremental Development

-        Unified Process

-        Edge Programming