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Graphic design; It is defined as art created on a digital platform that includes services such as website graphic design, logo design, corporate identity, advertising design. Especially today, the importance and place of graphic design is quite big. The reason for this is that with the rapid development of technology, companies want to reach more customers with their services or products in the digital environment and graphic design is important in this regard as well as promoting its services in the best way. My HASHTAG, a graphic design agency that makes graphic designs according to UX and UI expertise, provides professional service in line with the needs of its customers with its expert designer friends. It has been providing graphic design services for more than 30 years and is known as a name that has reached large masses and managed to serve not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

Graphic design is to create designs with colors, graphics, shapes and visuals to promote products or services to companies in line with their target audience. MY HASHTAG is a well-established software company that realizes the dreams of its customers with its creative designer friends in graphic design services that appeal to a wide area. There are many types of graphic design and MY HASHTAG company, which provides professional service to each of them, has always managed to gain their trust and satisfaction by advancing customer-oriented.

-        Logo Design

-        Interface Design

-        UX Design

-        Banner & Advertisement

-        Corporate Identify

-        Catalog

-        Brochure