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Social media is considered one of the biggest factors in digital marketing today. Digitization is increasing worldwide, so social media is known to be the most advantageous place for companies or brands. Social media; offers companies various organic advertising alternatives. Therefore, social media account management covers more than sharing the content and services of companies or companies with their target audience.

What are Social Media Management Strategies?

1-     Setting Goals

2-     Target Audience

3-     Performing Competitor Analysis

4-     Creating a Content Plan

5-     Engaging with the Target Customer Audience

6-     Measuring Performance

What are the Advantages of Social Media Management?

Social media brand management is preferred for companies of all sizes. Marketing over social media, which is more economical than all other marketing tools in today's world, provides many advantages to businesses.

• Provides the opportunity to promote the brand or company as desired,

• Introduce products or services to the customer base,

• Reaching a new customer base,

• Provides stronger communication with existing customers,

• Being able to learn what the customer base thinks about businesses,

• Provides advantages to business owners by increasing website customer traffic.

Within the scope of this service, the social media management agency MY HASHTAG provides professional services to every business, large and small, in increasing brand awareness, reaching the target customer group and making profit. It strategically carries out the social media management process with its experienced team.