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What is Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, with the rapid progression of technology, digital marketing strategy has become of great importance. This is a method that provides more advantages than the traditional marketing method. When examined within the scope of the question of what is digital marketing; That is defined as the name given to the marketing process of companies or brands in the digital environment. In today's our modern world, it appears as the newest and most developed open marketing method.

What Is The Importance Of Digital Marketing?

Companies or brands prefer the digital marketing environment to introducing their products or services. For this reason, it is observed that the questions of what is the use of digital marketing and what is the purpose of digital marketing are stuck in mind. In this context, digital marketing is the most accurate marketing strategy for companies to reach more potential customers and the right mass. Advertising performances can be reached with net values on the digital marketing platform. Accordingly, mutual and healthy communication can be established with the potential customer mass.

Where Is Digital Marketing Used?

1.     On Websites

2.     İn Blog Posts

3.     In Interactive Tools

4.     On Social Media Channels

5.     Online PR Studies

6.     On Brand Values such as Logo, Color or Font

7.     Online Brochures and Catalogs

8.     In infographics digital marketing is used.

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What are the Types of Digital Marketing?

·        Content Marketing

Content marketing is known as a strategy that creates a relationship of trust rather than income within the context of digital marketing types. The most basic aim here is to increase the brand value by providing actions such as attracting the attention of the target customer group, gaining their trust and giving information.

·        SEO

SEO emerges as the method that forms the main basis of digital marketing. By making companies e-commerce sites suitable within the scope of search engine rules, it ensures that they take place in the top pages of search results. As different from the advertising, it is an organic work environment.

·        Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provides the promotion of services or products on a social media platform. This method is frequently preferred because of its ability to reach a large customer base with a small budget. Area of interest, age range, gender, region, etc. details are arranged so reaching potential customers is realised quickly.

·        Email Marketing

Email marketing is the direct method of reaching the target audience within the scope of digital marketing types. Actions such as promoting products or services, presenting offers, giving information or celebrations are transmitted directly to the customer via email. Therefore, the customer's return rate is quite high.

·        Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is defined as advertising or sales made through the user. There are two types of parties that make a profit in this type of variety. Affiliate marketing  supports the sale of products or services in a variety of roles. The producer earns from the product, and the sales partner earns a commission.

·        SEM

Search engine optimization marketing is the strategy of advertising on search engines results pages. While it is possible to reach the organic top pages with SEO, a faster and more effective result can be obtained with SEM. But the difference from SEO is that it is paid. For this reason, success is directly proportional to the budget.

·        Influencer Marketing

Celebrities of the digital world take part in digital marketing advertisements. In general, ıntroducing of products or services by social media phenomena is provided.

·        Display Ads

Display ads are among the main factors of digital marketing. It provides that the products or services to be advertised are made transparently and clearly  with display advertisements. Thus, the customer mass can reach the information through a single advertisement.

·        Remarketing

Remarketing has a great importance for e-commerce sites. This is an advertisement of the visited sites on another site afterwards.

·        Viral Marketing

As well as  viral marketing is a preferred method in traditional marketing, it has become more effective in the digital marketing environment. In this strategy, advertising is not done via the producer or seller. That is often preferred in blogs or e-mails.